Who we are

Wim Bergs and Loes Mulders-Bergs have managed the company that they took over from their parents since 2006. Next to the daily running of the company, Wim mainly takes care of the main sales activities, client contacts, the climatic management, the growing processes in the greenhouse and the purchase of cuttings. Loes not only takes care of personnel, but also the planning and the finances. Additionally, Loes looks after foreign clients and relations. Together with their employees they back their wonderful products and share a passion for Lavender and many other types of plants.

Our company

Our business has been a real family business right from the start. Since 2000 we have become entirely specialized in the propagation of Lavender, Ornamental Shrubs and Perennial Plants to name but a few. We now have more than 90 types of Lavender and are still introducing new varieties.

We work exclusively to order. The minimum order per type is 2,500 items. Depending on type, amount and the availability of sufficient cuttings, we will need between 3 to 12 months to complete the order. It is possible to place orders with us all year round. We can supply various types throughout the year. Our clients make their wishes known and we offer them a quotation and a product made to measure. The quotation depends on various factors such as:

  • the tray the client chooses
  • number of cuttings per cube
  • time of delivery
  • desired cultivation method
  • quantity per variety
  • size of order

Our company has several rooting and hardening sections.  On yearbase we produce between 12 and 16 million cuttings on contract. We mainly use cuttings from our own motherplants but we also purchase cuttings from a supplier. It is also possible for clients to supply their own material. After being put in the trays, the cuttings are placed on the ground in the rooting greenhouses. Optimal climate conditions and a special misting technique ensure that high-quality cuttings will root. Once they have rooted the plants continue to grow in the greenhouses where they harden off. Because the plants are on the ground, we are able to make use of a unique ebb and flow system with which the young plants are fed and fertilized. During these processes there is continuous control and we inform the client about the progress of the growth.. In addition, we always make an arrangement about the time of delivery.

Stekbedrijf Bergs B.V delivers in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.
All supplies are ex nursery, Heythuysen Nursery, Netherlands.

Contact us:

phone:+31 (0)475 49 86 00