Print deze lijstIn principle, we produce exclusively to order. However, we regularly have a small stock of certain types. Below you will find an actual overview of the product range that we now have in stock and can deliver. If you are interested in one of these items you can contact us via +31 (0)475 - 49 86 00 or you can use the contact form on this site.

- We don't do private sales-

antal  Heesters en Vaste Planten surplus 25-3-2020TrayBeschikbaar
1.430 Campanula port. CatharinaLP144direct
2.700 Campanula port. CatharinaLP144wk18
10.000 Ceanothus thyr repensP144wk20
10.000 Choisya tern. Brica               P104wk20
4.500 Choisya ternata P144wk20
3.500 Choisya White Dazzler ® P144wk20
5.000 Hypericum CalycinumP144wk15
1.650 Lavandula ang. Essence Purple ® P35direct
3.600 Lavandula ang. Essence Purple ®P77direct
1.650 Lavandula ang. Hidcote P35direct
2.800 Lavandula ang. Hidcote P60direct
5.000 Lavandula ang. Hidcote P144direct
25.000 Lavandula ang. Hidcote P144wk16
10.000 Lavandula ang. Munstead P144direct
10.000 Lavandula ang. Munstead P104direct
15.000 Lavandula subs. Lusi PurpleP104wk16
3.700 Lavandula st. Madrid BlueP144wk14
16.000 Lavandula st. Winterbee ®P144wk14
  Eetbare Kruiden surplus 25-3-2020  
2.000 Atemesia Arboratum (colakruid)PP144direct
3.200 Helichrysum Tall Curry PP144direct
5.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84direct
5.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84wk14
5.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84wk15
6.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84wk15
6.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84wk16
6.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84wk17
6.000 Ipomea Beauregard (zoete aardappel)PP84wk18
1.500 Lippia Sweeter than Sweet (Aztekenkruid)PP144direct
7.500 Lippia Citridoria (Citroenverbena)PP144direct
2.000 Mentha Strawberry MintPP144direct
2.000 Mentha ApplemintPP144direct
2.000 Mentha Peppermint PP144direct
2.500 Origanum GreekPP144direct
6.000 Salvia Growers FriendPP144direct
3.000 Salvia Growers FriendPP144wk15
2.000 Salvia Growers FriendPP144wk17
1.500 Salvia Scarlet Pineapple (Ananassalie)PP144direct
1.200 Salvia Scarlet Pineapple (Ananassalie)PP145wk15
1.600 Santolina Viridens (Olijfkruid)PP144direct
10.000 Mentha MaroccanPP144wk14

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