Print deze lijstIn principle, we produce exclusively to order. However, we regularly have a small stock of certain types. Below you will find an actual overview of the product range that we now have in stock and can deliver. If you are interested in one of these items you can contact us via +31 (0)475 - 49 86 00 or you can use the contact form on this site.

- We don't do private sales-

aantal surplus 11 juni  2019beschikbaar
  2.000 Coprosma Rainbow Surprise ® p120direct
13.000 Corokia Cotoneaster 144/2direct
  6.000 Choisya Aztec Pearl p144direct
  4.400 Choisya ternata p104direct
  3.900 Hebe Green Globe p144direct
  2.000 Hebe Pagei p144direct
  1.200 Hebe Vernicosa p144direct
  1.500 Hebe Wiri Mist p144direct
  7.000 Hebe Hanne 73/2direct
  8.000 Hebe Katrine 73/2direct
  1.400 Hebe Tricolor 73/2direct
     550 Hebe Variegata 73/2direct
  6.000 Hebe White Lady 73/2direct
  8.500 Hydrangea arb. Annabelle PP104direct
  2.000 Lavandula ang. Blond ® P144direct
10.000 Lavandula st. Lusitanica Lusi Purple p104direct
  8.000 Lavandula x interm. Grosso p144direct
  2.000 Lavandula x interm. Phenomenal ®  p144direct
  5.000 Lavandula x interm. Phenomenal ®  p144wk27
10.000 Osmanthus Burkwoodii P144wk26
15.000 Osmanthus het. Goshiki Tricolor p1442019-wk21
  4.000 Parahebe Avalanche ® p104direct
  5.000 Photinia fras. Red Robin pp1042019-wk20
  1.750 Skimmia jap. Rubella P84direct
     700 Skimma japonica P84direct

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phone:+31 (0)475 49 86 00