Print deze lijstIn principle, we produce exclusively to order. However, we regularly have a small stock of certain types. Below you will find an actual overview of the product range that we now have in stock and can deliver. If you are interested in one of these items you can contact us via +31 (0)475 - 49 86 00 or you can use the contact form on this site.

- We don't do private sales-

aantal  Surplus 18.09.2020traybeschikbaar
5.000 Ceanothus Victoria (Skylark)P144direct
5.000 Cornus Anny W. OrangeB104direct
3.000 Cornus GouchaultiB104direct
2.000 Cornus Midwinter FirePP144direct
2.000 Cornus Midwinter FireB104direct
3.000 Cornus sib. VariagataB104direct
1.400 Coprosma Evening Glow ® P144direct
1.400 Coprosma Fire Burst ®P144direct
1.800 Coprosma Ignite ®P144direct
1.400 Coprosma Lemon and Lime ® P144direct
1.400 Coprosma Rainbow Surprise ® P144direct
15.000 Ilex cren. Luxus Globe ® P144direct
1.500 Hydrangea Red BaronP104direct
6.500 Lavandula ang. Essence PurpleP150direct
18.000 Lavandula ang. Essence PurpleP51direct
5.000 Lavandula ang. MunsteadP104direct
7.000 Lavandula x interm. GrossoP150direct
1.000 Prunus lust. AngustifoliaB104direct
9.500 Osmanthus hetr. TricolorP104direct
5.000 Osmanthus Burkwoodi P144direct
2.000 Photinia fras. Little Red RobinPP144direct
5.000 Sambucus nigr. Golden Tower ®B104direct
6.000 Vinca minor MarieP150direct
6.000 Vinca minor Gertrude JekyllP150direct

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